Physician Consultancy

Dr. Marie Savard, M.D., co-leads the Physician Services Practice of Diversified Search, lending her experience to guide leadership advice to clients. Dr. Savard is a trusted voice on women’s health, and an internationally recognized internal medicine physician, health educator, and speaker on women’s health, patient empowerment, and collaborative doctor-patient partnerships. She is the author of four bestselling books on the subject of personal health management and wellness.

As a former Corporate Medical Director of a leading long-term care provider, Dr. Savard brings a deep expertise in the design and development of post-acute care, affordable senior housing, and population-based care. As an RN and MD, she has a personal interest in the emerging integrated models of care delivery and the need for more interdisciplinary team-based clinical leaders to support them. As an advocate for patient empowerment, Dr. Savard brings a crucial perspective to the need for outcomes management, evidenced-based decision making, and the value of personal health records, patient safety, and personal health management.Formerly, Dr. Savard was the director of the Center for Women's Health and associate professor at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She was technical advisor to the United Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women, she served on the American Board of Internal Medicine's Subcommittee on Clinical Competency in Women's Health, was director of quality management at Pennsylvania Hospital, and has been a health columnist for Woman's Day magazine. She is currently a part-time contributor for ABC News.